Cardio and aerobic exercises


Cardio and aerobic exercises are helpful to get stronger muscles muscle is the key to fat burning even you are not exercising. The most common way to get stronger muscles is weight lifting and weight lifting requires a walk or go to the gym. It is an effective way to burn weight fast is cardio and aerobic exercises as they are very helpful.

Cardio & Aerobic exercise helps in

Cardio and aerobic exercises are helpful to strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system and it results in a smoother and unlabored breathing. These exercises are good for strengthening the cardiovascular muscles and it also improves the hearts pumping efficiency. It tones the muscles of all parts of the body that results in improved circulation and decreased blood pressure. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body, which makes for better transport of oxygen throughout the body.

If you follow a regular and disciplined aerobics, you can reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease. It is also useful in reducing the risk of other health problems such as respiratory disease and osteoporosis

The most common cardio exercises

Walking – Walking is considered the most common form of cardio exercise .. Walking is low-impact exercise it can be done just about anywhere. It is one of several exercises aerobics that can effectively be incorporated into your lifestyle. If you practice 15-30 minute walk around the mall, it makes you lose just as much calories as you would on a treadmill. You can increase fat loss by increasing the speed of your walks

Running or Jogging -. Another, the most accessible and easier cardio exercise is running or jogging. You can do it by the physical life. Beginners need to try speed walking first before going jogging and then running. As walking and running, jogging can be done in a lot of places like the beach, garden, in your neighborhood or on the track. It is very natural activity for your body and you can easily adapt when you do regular exercise.

Aerobic Dance-Allan decades, aerobic dance exercises may have changed, but it has not faded. People further practice to thumping beats & aerobic dance are highly effective yet fun ways to keep the weight off while maintaining a trim and tone the body.


Aerobic cardio exercise – Why bother


Aerobic exercises are some of the best ways to really build up a concentration of one’s heart and lungs. However, some people just are not convinced to sign up and get to swing in tandem.

That said, aerobics really offers a lot of unique ways to build cardiovascular endurance, plus a few extra perks that will help you out in the long run

evenly distribute muscle strain

One of the first and leading aerobics benefits is even spread throughout the body muscle strain

Jogging puts incredible strain on the feet and legs, and jolts on the bones do not help either. This strain will eventually wear out the joints and ligaments of the body, causing difficulties for people – especially those with heavy builds. Aerobics means to move up in the body, from arms to legs hips to the toes. This spreads the load evenly over the body, without much increase in pressure as that of jogging or jumping rope.

Features and tone muscles

Another added benefit of aerobics is an innate ability to shape and tone the muscles.

The smooth, repetitive actions make the muscles of the body firm and tone, that gets to the heart without enlarging any one muscle group in the body. This allows you to develop the strength of the heart without having to worry about building too much muscle in one part of the body, as is the case with jogging and leg muscles.

small spaces and extras needed

Most aerobics requires only a mat or ball, while some aerobic exercises do not need anything.

The rhyme was just a coincidence, but the point is there. You do not need a lot of fancy gadgets or the spacious open space to properly do aerobics. A Home Gym or a pair of meetings in the local fitness center will be more than enough to actually do aerobics. In addition, the only other cardio exercise that will tone muscles as aerobics is the channel, but not everyone has access to a large pool to use at their leisure.

Can be done anywhere

Whether you prefer to exercise alone or are looking to participate in group aerobics has the answer to all cardio needs.

This is one of the best call upon aerobics. It is very minimal activity, requires no more than a few square feet of space to maneuver in. The lack of any specialized gear makes it extremely affordable exercise also. This combination of small space and zero equipment Aerobics makes a very attractive option for the frugal to strengthen the cardiovascular system

And one last thing :. Aerobics is one of the best ways to start your day or wind down at night. Sweat it has a relaxing effect, which both energizes and relaxes drills. It is definitely one of the more fun and locomotive ways to make you healthier people friendly!


The Best Aerobics and Cardio Exercises


Aerobics cardio exercises are best for when you want to increase your heart rate. In fact, it is the very definition of aerobic cardio exercise. Any exercise that can maintain and increase your heart for at least 20 minutes is basically considered aerobic or cardiovascular workout. If you want to know what the best cardio / aerobic exercises, then read on.


Walking is probably the simplest and easiest form of aerobic exercise. This one is a great choice if you are just starting out. It is a great heating operation which is useful in any training regimen. If you have not been working out lately, then make the perfect option to get you back on track. It can be a prerequisite to help you burn fat if you do not have the energy even to go to more complex types of exercises. However, its ability to fat-burning is minimal at best.

Running / Jogging

One of the best aerobic exercises cardio happens to be running, or jogging. It’s great for people who love the outdoors and want fresh air on their exercises. Jogging recommended standard for all athletes when they are exercising. Experts, athletes and others who love to exercise, consider jogging as one of the most important exercises that should be done regularly. Most of the time, runners will often do some jogging early in the morning so as to take advantage of the usually quiet environment at this time. Running happens to be the best cardiovascular exercise for burning fat. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first before you try it. Over-exercising can lead to some complications so it is best that you get a medical checkup to avoid straining your health.


Cycling is a great type of exercise, no matter how you look at it. Compared with other exercises cardio aerobics, cycling has more advantages. The main reason why it deserves such praise is because it is quite fun to do, aside from the obvious advantages burn calories, fat, etc. A gym is good for you if you want to try the stationary bike and get the full benefit of real wheels. However, stationary machines are just not as fun as the real thing. There is no substitute for cross-country Cycling Mountain biking. Outdoor activities should be exciting because the sense of adventure involved.


On the other hand, a lot of people just do not have time to go hiking or other outdoor activities (whether on foot or on a bike). So the best way that they can still have their advantages and the real thing without actually going anywhere to try some exercise machines. Treadmills, stationary bike, Stairmaster and elliptical machine, there are some good examples.

Aerobics cardio exercise can be fun, if you know how. Try to add some weight training in aerobic exercises at least 3-4 times a week. Not only is this a good method to make your exercise more fun, it is more effective in helping you to burn fat and increase heart rate. As a final tip, always consult your doctor.


Cardiovascular exercise – Aerobics


Cardio workouts are among the most important exercise originally diet and exercise program. Cardio workouts really get the blood flowing and help you reduce unhealthy weight. The cardiovascular workout usually help lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and get your weight loss started. One of the key factors is to increase blood circulation. For diabetics, cardio workouts are a must. Sometimes severe diabetes sufferers can save a limb or appendage with a modified routine.

cardiovascular exercise is an important piece of treatment that need not be neglected. Cardio routine can help you establish a spiritual period of heavy breathing common to all exercise. A couch potato’s best to start off with a good cardio program and build to include resistance training. Some types of resistance training can be very difficult on the internal organs and cardio routine is generally safer and are less internal stress than weightlifting.

Cardio routine need to simply put one foot in front of the other. Since most people are pretty long distance during the day, we have a natural ability to run, jogging and aerobic exercises. The intensity of the meetings varies by age, weight and heart / lung capacity. I do not recommend that people with cardiovascular disease, try these exercises without seeing a doctor, but usually they are an integral part of the process.

To get maximum value from cardiovascular exercise, you need to exercise in your target heart rate zone to burn the most calories. For many people, this is between 125-145 beats per minute. In this area, you must install a moderate strain on your heart, burn the most calories and create opportunities to do other workouts a week without being overloaded. In many ways cardio workout defines progress. It burns excess fat around the middle, and helps you look excellent! Take a look at cardio workout and make sure you turn cardio exercises, stretching before each workout. Spend one day a week doing yoga, or hot yoga and turn works to mix it up. All these factors can increase the efficiency of cardio workout.


Aerobics Exercises


The aerobic exercises are good cardio vascular exercise. These exercises help to develop cardio vascular strength as well as stamina of the body. These exercises help to work large muscle grope together raising activeness of the body.

As such, these exercises help to make the lungs work harder to develop lung power of the body and increase the respiratory system. This also means that it improves stamina body that helps in performing other activities and movement. It is a misconception that aerobics are only for women.

training sessions are very much important to men. These exercises help develop flexibility help to reduce the chances of injury to the body. These exercises also help in evolving body. The exercises work to increase activity levels and oxygen to various parts of the body.

This means there will be more energy from different parts of the body to perform different exercises. These exercises also actively help to reduce weight. The exercises are perfect for people who are only recommended for low impact exercise. Exercises help in the rehabilitation of injuries. Below are listed some benefits and types of aerobic exercises: ..

These exercises help increase the body’s energy

These exercises are known to reduce stress levels of the body

Regular aerobic exercise is known to have better mental health.

The aerobics exercises are known to reduce the chances of high blood pressure.

The aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The exercises help in strengthening the cardio vascular system.

These exercises are best to assist in weight loss.

Aerobics exercises work the entire body. Therefore, even areas that are neglected by regular work out sessions worked out in aerobics exercises.

Exercises help to burn calories and also help in shaping up the body.

You can work out these exercises from home. There are no special equipment needed for basic aerobic exercises.

Equipment such as skipping rope or a medicine ball which are easily available can be incorporated into these exercises.

Running and jogging are both good forms of aerobic exercises.

If you are a bit more adventurous, you can also try biking in about 3 to 5 times a week.


The Aerobics Cardio


The aerobics cardio referring to the form of exercise that consists of routines for improved oxygen circulation through all parts of the body for increasing metabolism, thus reducing the risk of falls due to cardiac issues.

The routine includes a warm up session that is managed by about twenty to thirty minutes of fair strict routine that includes a detailed work of some muscle combined together. It is followed after a time interval comprising the cooling muscle. The basic process involves breaking down glycogen with the help of oxygen to the generation of energy.

This practice has several advantages with the most important ones have been mentioned here. It toughens the muscles involved in the process of respiration and are therefore responsible for facilitating the air inside and outside of the lungs.

Further it also works towards building up of the word muscles of the heart and its extension. This helps to eventually developing heart and improvement in both heart rate and its competence. In addition, the muscles throughout the body is toned, overall blood pressure and anxiety levels are brought down along with the threat level nasty ailment osteoporosis members of both sexes. This exercise routine can also follow through mode to run and jump rope also help to stimulate the development of bone.

Despite these positive results, many experts are known for criticizing it. They say that because of the aerobics cardio many individuals endure recurrent abdominal damage and therefore should choose some other types of exercise that has less overall impact. They also claim that it is used as an appetite suppressor by individuals who have the disease of anorexia.


Aerobics and Cardio for Beginners


Aerobics and Cardio

Unfortunately, many people cringe at the mention of the phrase “cardio exercise.” To achieve all round fitness aerobic or cardio fitness exercises must be followed by weight training

benefits of cardio / aerobic fitness exercise program are :.

  • losing excess body fat
  • Increase stamina,
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke,
  • Increased immune system

Cardio or aerobic exercise is inexpensive and can be done anywhere. Cardio can be made more interesting, even fun, by employing a few simple ideas listed in this article.

OK, let’s get going!

How often should I do my cardio workout?

At the beginning of three days a week is enough as part of you exercise. If you are following a weight lifting program we have outlined in this series, it is a good idea to do cardio on the same day you perform weight training.

It is advisable to finish weight lifting first then do aerobic / cardio fitness workout.

Also, if you, like many people, with a piece of cardio equipment gathering dust (or be used as a coat rack) in your home, then you can do it differently. If your main goal is fat loss, it is recommended that you perform cardio first thing in the morning

if there is a possibility for you, give it a try -. You may find that it wakes you up more than the morning shower.

How long I do cardio?

As with anything new it is best to start slowly and build up as you strengthen.

Only 15 minutes of cardio is enough to start with.

What type of aerobics should I do?

When you start it is easier to work out on a machine where you can set your own pace rather than being in classes. When cardio workout yourself on a machine that you do not have to worry about seeing another aerobics class.

There are three main types of cardio equipment to choose from.

  • Riding a bicycle, which eliminates the effect of items. This is very good for people with sore joints or back pain.
  • oval Walker, this is a more intense workout and is easy on the joints like the bike. The elliptical machine the user is doing all the time (more efficient at toning the glutes, aka butt) and has the option to use their weapons (and their feet) on exercise.
  • stair climber or step machine, this gives even more strenuous workout than the elliptical Walker. It is very difficult to perform stair climber at a fast pace, unlike stationary bike or elliptical machine, so long workouts needed to reap the full benefits. This machine is recommended for more advanced trainers.
  • The treadmill is the most widely used in the gym. The speed is adjustable in almost all machines, and can vary from a slow walk to flat out run and the intensity of the workout on the treadmill can be changed by setting the slope. The problem with working out on a treadmill is a great impact on the joints, so it is not recommended for people with joint or back pain.

Examples Cardio Program for Beginners

first two weeks of cardio exercise program should be ….. choose which method of aerobic exercise suits you best and simply follow the instructions below:

  • Week 1
  1. Monday 15 minutes
  2. Wednesday 15 minutes
  3. Friday 15 minutes
  • Week 2
  1. Monday 20 minutes
  2. Wednesday 20 minutes
  3. Friday 20 minutes

Watch my next article and get the most out of your cardio