Step Aerobics – Fun and easy to DIY


Aerobics are cardio workouts that increase heart rate by nearly forty percent. It involves swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, rowing, dance aerobics, water aerobics and step aerobics also. Step aerobics is stepping up and stepping down professionally made platform. It is useful for the muscles of the legs and for overall fitness.

This platform is usually 30 inches by 15 inches in size from 4-12 inches tall. Use the platform depending on your fitness level. You first need to step up on the platform with one foot and then the other. You step down the platform at the other place. This way, there are many moves to make workouts interesting.

For aerobic exercise at home, you can easily play a video CD and follow the instructions. You can also enroll in a class instructed by a trained professional.

After the step aerobic exercise at home has shown many benefits. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and strengthens the heart, lungs, legs, and improves breathing. It gives the best performance accompanied by a well-balanced diet for weight loss. It is easier and more powerful than dance aerobics you lift the weight of steps.

Step aerobic exercise at home is best for a healthy and young, as too much of stepping can cause stress to the knee joint. You can alternate step aerobics with traditional swimming or cycling.

I really hope this article has helped in some way.