The Best Aerobics and Cardio Exercises


Aerobics cardio exercises are best for when you want to increase your heart rate. In fact, it is the very definition of aerobic cardio exercise. Any exercise that can maintain and increase your heart for at least 20 minutes is basically considered aerobic or cardiovascular workout. If you want to know what the best cardio / aerobic exercises, then read on.


Walking is probably the simplest and easiest form of aerobic exercise. This one is a great choice if you are just starting out. It is a great heating operation which is useful in any training regimen. If you have not been working out lately, then make the perfect option to get you back on track. It can be a prerequisite to help you burn fat if you do not have the energy even to go to more complex types of exercises. However, its ability to fat-burning is minimal at best.

Running / Jogging

One of the best aerobic exercises cardio happens to be running, or jogging. It’s great for people who love the outdoors and want fresh air on their exercises. Jogging recommended standard for all athletes when they are exercising. Experts, athletes and others who love to exercise, consider jogging as one of the most important exercises that should be done regularly. Most of the time, runners will often do some jogging early in the morning so as to take advantage of the usually quiet environment at this time. Running happens to be the best cardiovascular exercise for burning fat. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first before you try it. Over-exercising can lead to some complications so it is best that you get a medical checkup to avoid straining your health.


Cycling is a great type of exercise, no matter how you look at it. Compared with other exercises cardio aerobics, cycling has more advantages. The main reason why it deserves such praise is because it is quite fun to do, aside from the obvious advantages burn calories, fat, etc. A gym is good for you if you want to try the stationary bike and get the full benefit of real wheels. However, stationary machines are just not as fun as the real thing. There is no substitute for cross-country Cycling Mountain biking. Outdoor activities should be exciting because the sense of adventure involved.


On the other hand, a lot of people just do not have time to go hiking or other outdoor activities (whether on foot or on a bike). So the best way that they can still have their advantages and the real thing without actually going anywhere to try some exercise machines. Treadmills, stationary bike, Stairmaster and elliptical machine, there are some good examples.

Aerobics cardio exercise can be fun, if you know how. Try to add some weight training in aerobic exercises at least 3-4 times a week. Not only is this a good method to make your exercise more fun, it is more effective in helping you to burn fat and increase heart rate. As a final tip, always consult your doctor.


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