Top 5 Aerobics DVDs


Some individuals prefer to perform aerobic exercise indoors, in the comfort of their own home. There are also people who prefer the structure of the class, with a mentor who can provide a great workout. So how do you get the best of both worlds? By purchasing your own aerobics DVDs. There are many types of aerobic exercise, and DVDs are no different. There are thousands that will help you achieve your fitness goals you are looking for, so choose based on your interest, the desired effect level, and your doctor to ensure maximum security.

Katina Hunter steps Party aerobic DVD Series

cardio exercise can be taken to the next level with this fun and exciting step aerobics series. It features an athletic, high power stepping with routines that will have you tapping your feet long after the routine is over. The first DVD is choreography for beginners, so if you’re not used to this exercise, definitely start here. For intermediate and advanced stepping, choose Step Party video # 2

Debra Mazda ShapelyGirl Let’s Get Stepping! Video

This video is a step cardio workout specifically designed for beginners step. Plus sized women have made movement ability and are changing their lives, and Debra Mazda spearheads a movement with an extraordinary video her order. Be prepared for the energy and fun, and be inspired by its history overcome obesity

Jillian Michaels :. Banish Fat, increase metabolism Video

One of the personal trainers from the hit TV show The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels is training yourself at home in aerobic DVD called “banish fat, increase metabolism.” By adding ab exercise and strength training to phenomenal cardio exercise, you will increase the amount of weight loss results you are looking for. Raise your heart rate for 40 minutes whether you are a beginner or advanced in practice.

Acacia’s Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt Video

Combining exercise and a good diet plan are proven to help you lose weight, gain energy and improve your quality of life. This amazing aerobic DVD will help you meet your weight loss goals while ensuring that you eat right in the process.

Mindy Mylrea’s All Systems Go Video

You’ll have an excellent time pushing your body to the limit with this fun and super All systems go video. Designed to engage all of your energy system, start with warm-up and end of an intense strength and cardio routine that creates an exciting challenge for the heart and muscles.